Christopher Talbot

Born in Santa Barbara, California, Chris pursued his higher education in Denver. As a student, he participated in many school and local productions and later graduated from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law in 2003.

Shortly after graduation, Chris moved back to California; this time to Los Angeles.

Although he obtained his Juris Doctorate and is married to an incredibly attractive and saucy attorney, he soon realized that practicing law would never bring him the satisfaction he sought from his professional life.

Chris developed his passion for producing when he started giving his writer friends feedback on their latest scripts, helping them through evaluation and development of the plots. His flair for script development and keen eye for spotting excellent writing and captivating story telling led him to pursue a career in production.

Chris has sought to learn as much as possible in all facets of the business of producing motion pictures.  He took acting and writing classes and shadowed producers around town.  In his quest for information, he also learned how to fetch the best coffee for top executives in Hollywood...

Since creating Toxic Martian Productions in 2005, Chris has been developing scripts into outstanding stories, with great commercial appeal with some of the most talented writers in town.

Karene Jullien

Karene was born and raised in the French Alps.  She came to the US when she was 18 for a one-year exchange program and never left. She graduated from law school in 2003, is a member of the New York and Colorado Bar and has been living in Los Angeles since 2005, where she works as an entertainment attorney.

Working for a digital start up in L.A., she found herself working across multiple legal disciplines in an ever-changing and rapidly evolving area of the industry.  This experience taught her multiple facets of the entertainment industry, from licensing to creation and distribution and everything in between.  She has become an expert in new media and digital platforms. 

Since leaving her VP position with Mandalay Digital Group in 2011, she has been working with TMP.  Karene also provides digital and new media consulting services to various production and distribution companies worldwide.  With TMP, she is responsible for providing the “missing link” between finance and creative departments, overseeing the big picture and negotiating the production agreements.

Kris Momme

Growing up in the beautiful backwoods of upstate New York, Kris left her hometown and its pleasantries to explore the world as soon as she could.  She traveled the world - one gastronomic adventure after another; lived in the Rocky Mountains, on St. Croix and in a tent in Alaska.  After college, Kris worked in a few different fields until she settled into the mundane life of making films with Toxic Martian Productions. 

Changing careers and joining Toxic Martian Productions just in time to see the economy take a dive has been very exciting for Kris.  Rising to the challenge, she has embraced the new economic model for independent film makers in Hollywood.  Not that she had a choice.  There’s never a dull moment at Toxic Martian; luckily, she has a great sense of humor as she plows through mountains of paperwork and endless meetings…  Pointing and laughing is allowed... 

As TMP associate producer, her responsibilities include… well whatever the boss man tells her to do.  When he says “we should do this,” he really means Kris should do this.  Hmm… those cold Alaskan nights probably seem better and better to her all the time... 

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