Chronopolous Synopsis


You’re more likely to be killed by a terrorist than get married after 30.

Jenna has it all figured out. Or so she thinks. Okay, so instead of being an interior designer, she is an overworked ‘Renter Chick’, but she has a great relationship with an amazing boyfriend, and overall, she loves her life – just as it is. So when Jenna thinks that Owen is going to propose to her, she is not sure she wants to rock the boat.

As it turns out Owen is not proposing marriage; instead, he is backing out of their romantic trip to Belgium. Owen just got a huge promotion and can’t get away. Instead, Owen’s proposal is for Jenna to take her best friend, Kate.

Jenna agrees, which is good, since Owen’s highly efficient new assistant, Teri Hatcher, has already put everything in Kate’s name.

Beautiful, smart, carefree, Kate is always up for a good time. Unfortunately, as a successful divorce attorney, Kate is kind of intimidating, and has to lie about what she does in order to get guys.

They arrive in Brussels; meet Prince Kadir, who mistakenly believes that Kate is a Kardashian; stumble on a terrorist plot to kill said Prince; and, wind up with a password encrypted flash drive that they believe is part of an elaborate treasure-hunt-wedding-proposal by Owen.

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